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Press Release: Do-it-yourself facial kit with Aaranyaa- skincare naturally

With fast approaching wedding season everyone is looking for that flawless healthy skin that brightens up your face and mood. Regular visits for the salon and spa is what woman relies on for getting a radiant glow. However, getting a professional facial does not always fit in our time schedule and pocket expense.

Keep your worries aside as Aaranyaa introduces do-it-yourself facial kit that includes just the right balance of products that you would need to rejuvenate and revive your skin. AFA (Amino fruit acid) being the base of all the products, it’s the best formulation for exfoliation as well as nourishment. Made with more than 70% of natural ingredients, these products suit all skin type and age group.

Follow the simple regime at home once a week and stay blessed with the clear, smooth and glowing skin all day long.

1.   Cleanse the skin
Start with washing your face with Aaranyaa anti bacterial face wash or clean your face and neck with Aaranyaa skin soothing cleansing milk. Make sure your remove all the makeup properly.
Aaranyaa anti bacterial neem face wash.Rs 120

Aaranyaa cleansing milk. Rs 160

2.    Exfoliate
Using your fingers, rub Aaranyaa detanning neem and tulsi exfoliating facial scrub in a circular motion on your face.  Take about table spoon of gel scrub and move the scrub around so that it covers your fingertips. Begin applying the gel scrub gently in a circular motion, starting at the chin and working outward and upward. Don't apply the scrub to the eyelids. Give a couple of extra circular rubs to the cheeks, forehead and chin. These areas tend to collect dead cells more frequently and easily. Rinse off the scrub gently.
neem and tulsi de-tanning face scrub. Rs 225
3.    Steam
There are many ways one can take steam. You can fill a utensil with hot water dip and towel or some other cloth and press it on your face repeating it 2-3 times or you can take team of boiling water in a tea pot or steamers available in the market.

4.    Massage
Massage your skin will for 10-15 minutes with Aaranyaa Facial massage cream. Apply the cream with finger tips all over the face and neck. Massage gently with finger tips using upward strokes only so that cream is absorbed. Even 5 minutes of light massage will rejuvenate the skin and add glow to it. Use it once or twice a week to prevent the skin from wrinkles and sagging.
Aaranyaa Facial Massage cream.Rs 275

5.    The mask
While exfoliating helps you get rid of the dead cells. Face mask is important to hydrate the skin as face mask on and for it to soak into the skin. Use Aaranyaa Anti blemish face pack that helps in skin hydration and removing skin pigmentation.
Aaranyaa anti blemish face pack.Rs 210

6.    Moisturize
Complete your regime with applying Aaranyaa Daily moisturizing cream over your face and neck. Gently massage with the palm of your hand using upward and circular motion. The cream will be fully absorbed within 1-2 minutes.
Aaranyaa Daily moisturising cream.Rs 210.
Available at:

1) Store-18,sector-18, NOIDA; 09650398429

2) Dabur New U Store
Khan Market, Pacific Mall Rajori Garden, Spice Mall Noida, V3S Mall Laxmi Nagar, Mahagun Metro Mall Vaishali and Central Street Bangalore.

Online through Healthkart.com: http://www.healthkart.com/brand/beauty/Aaranyaa


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