Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Chappals: The Perfect Summer Footwear for Every Occasion

The scorching heat and the summer are here now! We reckon it’s that time of the year when you feel lethargic but your sweat glands are super active. You feel piping hot and dressing up feels a lot these days. All you fantasize about is going for that long stroll on the beach at night time with a cool waft liberating your mind. That one long stroll wears off all your exhaustion and relaxes your body. Now that we’ve created the whole picture for you, it’s time for your feet to breathe a little as well and embrace some new outfits. Take a look at these five stylish casual chappals that are assured to be a joy for your feet. Not only will they keep your feet cold but also ace up your get-up with nearly anything you pair them with. Briskly sliding into these chappals without having to stress about putting on socks and shoes is the kind of solace we’re talking about.

Fisherman chappals - There are many different types of Fisherman chappals used around the world since olden times. These chappals hold a buckle around the ankle and have closely positioned interlaced belts that permit utmost surface content, yet permitting plentiful breathability as well as room for water to drain down during the rainy season.

Memory foam chappals - These chappals have a memory foam foot bed that can conform to the curve of your foot and provide you with the optimum comfort and mounting. These chappals also come with padded straps, which make them extremely comfy, even for long hours of use. Memory foam chappals are also best for daily wear.

Kolhapuri chappals - Kolhapuri chappals have forever stayed the most favored footwear pick amongst Indian men. However, now is the time to offer a hip touch to your regular Kolhapuri chappals. To come across as cool in ethnic wear like dhoti and kurta, you can go for handcrafted Kolhapuri chappals. These handcrafted chappals are available in vibrant tones of brown, blue, yellow, and green that can level up your whole ethnic get-up.

Strappy leather chappals - This next pick is perfect for those trying to seek something even further contemporary. Leather chappals are everlasting and smart. A nice pair of black leather chappals is a must-have for any man's shoe rack. These chappals are easy to wear, adaptable, and extensively comfy. Also, you can ideally carry these chappals with nearly every Indian outfit. From kurtas to sherwani, these chappals are the topmost choice to offer your overall get-up a contemporary edge.

Closed-toe chappals - The closed-toe design is another up-and-coming footwear in the world of contemporary chappals for guys. Due to its fresh and hip aesthetics, the closed-toe chappals design is difficult to bag and is constantly in really high demand amongst guys. These pairs of ethnic chappals are best for your ethnic wardrobe to slay all your marriage and festive affairs.

Always clean surplus dirt from your chappals to avert more damage. For overall cleaning, use lukewarm water, a clean piece of cloth and a gentle bristle brush. For more tricky zones, use leather cleaning products with a clean fabric and brush. Also, remove the cleaning product with a damp cloth and let it dry.

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