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Best Homemade Hair Mask for Hair fall using Stamio Herbal Powders

If you know me well, you would know I love using DIY hair mask for my hair since a long time. My mom used to give me all natural powders like shikakai, amla, reetha, bhringraj and many other herbal powders but after Anaaya was born, I got literally lazy until I came to Bangalore. Here the water is very hard and my hair are becoming like hay. I then got a chance to try herbal powders from Stamio and I loved the fact that their powders are all natural with no added chemicals. I can vouch for their purity for amla, shikakai. reetha, bhringraj as they are exactly the same what my mom used to give me. I have not used hibiscus a lot so cannot confidently say about its purity but the brand says its pure.

Here is my honest review on Stamio amla powder*, Shikakai powder*, reetha powder*, bhringraj leaf powder* and hibiscus flower powder* that I have been using for the last one month.

Price- Rs 505 for pack of 5. Currently on discount!


This is the first time i am using Stamio products and I loved how affordable and effective they are. Now i am eyeing on their cucumber and aloe vera gel. Will update you guys if I buy them.

How do i make my homemade hair mask for hair growth and thickness without egg using Stamio herbal powders?

Mix 1 spoon amla powder, 1 spoon shikakai powder, 1/2 spoon reetha powder, 1 spoon bhringraj powder and 1 spoon hibiscus powder. Mix everything with drinking water or curry leaves infused water and make a nice paste. It should not be too thick nor too thin. I prefer to soak everything in an iron kadai and leave it overnight. next day, after oiling my hair with bhringraj oil, I apply it all over my scalp and hair and leave it for 15 minutes. i then wash it off well with water and shampoo and condition my hair. 

With regular usage I feel it makes my hair thick, improves the texture and reduces hair fall to a great extent. I do not have water softener yet at my home and I love how this hair mask is taking good care of my hair. i am not facing hair fall, dandruff, itching etc. Although the quality of my hair has not improved a lot but the texture has shown improvement. I feel i have to be consistent with applying hair masks once a week. Sometimes I also mix and match 2 or 3 powders as I feel a single hair pack does not work for a long time on my hair.

Let's see how each of the powders benefits our hair and skin:

Stamio Pure Amla Powder Rs 97 for 50g

Amla powder is rich in vitamin c, e and antioxidants that promotes healthier scalp. It conditions the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, increase hair volume, reduce dandruff, treat head lice and makes them shiny and manageable.

Stamio Pure Shikakai Powder Rs 97 for 50g

Shikakai Powder is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, K and D which help in nourishing the hair and keep it healthy. It effectively deals with dryness and itching, intensifies hair volume and adds shine to hair making them more manageable! 

Stamio Reetha Powder Rs 97 for 50g

Reetha Powder is rich in vitamins A, D, E which is found in reetha or soapnut fruit that imparts shine to the hair. It also fights against dandruff and itchy scalp. It also removes excess oil from the scalp and makes the hair shinier and softer. 

Stamio Bhringraj Leaf Powder Rs 107 for 50g

Bhringraj Powder is a powerful ayurvedic medication that not only prevents hairloss but also controls premature greying of hair, It reduces hairfall and cures itchy scalp!

Stamio Hibiscus Flower Powder Rs 107 for 50g

Hibiscus powder is used for both hair and skin. One of my friends swears by hibiscus powder on her. i will soon share her recipe with you. It promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall, improves hair texture, improves skin tone and gives healthy glowing skin.

This is how I make my hair mask using Stamio herbal powders


  • Pure and natural.
  • The pack contains all the essential herbal powders needed for your hair.
  • Reduces hair fall. 
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Reduces dandruff.
  • Imparts shine.
  • Improves the texture of the hair.
  • Affordable.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Made in India!
  • Suits all hair types.


  • None!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I am very happy with the DIY hair packs I make with Stamio Herbal Powders. You can mix and match any herbal powders of your choice. My current favorite is amla, shikakai and hibiscus hair pack. My hair looks so thick and healthy. I would highly recommend these herbal powders to everyone!

Do you use DIY hair mask for your hair? Which is your favorite? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



  1. Can I mix Reetha powder with Bhringraj, Methi and Shikakai powder and use it as a hair pack? Will it be harmful for hair?


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