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Practk by Sigma Beauty Power Beauty Blender Review

Practk by Sigma Beauty Power Beauty Blender
I hope you all are aware that Practk is Sigma's sister brand that offers affordable beauty tools! I do not like spending much on beauty tools so this brand is something that I will look forward to! Today I am going to review Practk Power Beauty Blender that I have been using for more than a month!

Price- $9/ Rs 600 approx BUY ONLINE

It comes in a storage box!
The best thing I like about Practk Power Beauty Blender is it comes with a storage case. You can even carry it everywhere with no worries of it getting lost or dirty! The beauty blender is easy to hold due to its shape. It comes in 3 colors- purple, blue and green and I opted purple and it looks like pink! 

Some more instructions!!!
And some more :)
The flat surface for contouring, highlighting and setting!
The base is used for cheeks and forehead!

Practk Power Beauty Blender has curved side, flat surface and pointed tip that makes makeup application very smooth and you do not need other beauty tools! Before using the blender, you must damp it well for smooth application. It bounces well and gives airbrush effect. Though it applies makeup flawlessly but I feel it need 2 applications to get full coverage! It does not give cake-y look that i adore the most!

You can apply liquid or cream foundation, liquid or cream concealers and cream blushes with this beauty blender with ease! The base and curved side is used for bigger areas, the flast surface is used for contouring, highlighting and setting and the pointed tip is for smaller area!

I use Sigma Brush Cleanser to wash this beauty blender and it cleanses my sponge in a jiff. Guys you MUST invest Sigma Brush Cleanser if you really want to increase the life of your blenders and makeup brushes.

TIP- Wash the sponge after every use!

- Cute shape!
- Comes in 3 colors!
- Easy to grip!
- Latex free!
- Can apply light to full coverage without giving a cake-y look.
- Blends makeup easily.
- Gives airbrushed look with bounce method!
- Multi functional. You can apply foundation, concealer and blushes!
- Sponge feels soft even after several washes!
- No scent.
- Reasonably priced if you are looking for good quality yet affordable beauty blender!
- Skin friendly.
- Easy to wash!
- Easy to store!

- Does not give full coverage in one application!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall Practk by Sigma Beauty Power Beauty Blender is the best affordable beauty blender that applies makeup flawlessly. The shape is really good and makes application very easy! I would highly recommend to all makeup sponge lovers to try it out!

Do you use beauty sponges to apply makeup?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Looks like a really useful tool! And great that they're reusable for so long.

  2. I completely love this! I think it’s awesome it has a holder case so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty 😍😍😍. I would’ve chosen green cause that’s my favorite color but awesome product!

  3. I need to get one of these! So many people love them but I've never tried it.

  4. I haven't heard of this brand at all and didn't know it is Sigma's sister brand! Will definitely try this out now because I love Sigma.

  5. This looks like a tool for my wife. will share with her this article..

  6. Looks like a handy product.My wife would love to have.

  7. I need a new blender. Thank you for the honest review :)

  8. I currently use a similar product, but I like how this one has a flat side as well. I'll have to give this a try; love blenders!

    1. me too love blenders a lot. they give such a natural look!

  9. I have never really tried a makeup blender. I use the silicone sponge and I love it. But your post surely makes me one to try the blender too!

    1. i till now could not get used to silicone sponge!

  10. This has some really nice quality in it! I don't go for cheap stuff!

  11. I like the one flat face on this blender! Mine current one is rounded all over, which makes it hard to blend certain sections of my face. This would be so much easier to use!

  12. This make-up gadget looks really squishy. :0)

  13. Kristine Nicole AlessandraMarch 8, 2019 at 3:28 AM

    I love the design of this beauty blender. You can do your make up easier with just one beauty sponge. Love that it is latex free too.

    1. yes it can be used for all liquid, creamy and power makeup!

  14. packaging looks so cute and like comic books :)


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